Heart Rate Monitoring and Wellness

How do you recognize problems when you live with a loved one you’re caring for? Usually, you see that person frequently and you’re familiar with how they act and feel day-to-day. You notice something is wrong when things are suddenly different in the way they act or feel. 

Time to call and check-in

Our biosensor based medical alert systems continuously track your heart rate baselines. We turn that data into visualizations that illustrate the day-to-day repeating pattern of normal life that we call Life Rhythm™. Family members quickly learn to recognize your normal sleeping and active patterns using our Remote Check-In capability. When the pattern suddenly changes, like it does at the end of this seven day chart, they’ll know it’s a good time to call and check on you.

We can check your oxygen levels too

Monitor your oxygen level and your heart rate with Check On Me Online using an oximeter ring or a bluetooth fingertip oximeter. When using the fingertip oximeter, you can take “point in time” measurements or use the oximeter in continuous measurement mode. Point in time measurements feature step by step guidance on the fingertip oximeter’s screen for easy use. In this mode, a single high confidence measurement is taken and shared via Check On Me Online.Oximeter Ring In continuous measurement mode, the fingertip oximeter performs heart rate and oxygen level  measurements continuously and checks about once per second.

When using our oximeter ring, Check On Me Online medical alert systems will take heart rate and oxygen level measurements about every four seconds. In addition, the oximeter ring takes readings continuously and features a comfortable band for extended wear. You can even wear it while you sleep as it’s battery lasts fourteen or fifteen hours before needing recharging. The ring vibrates when your oxygen level drops below ninety percent (this is adjustable). Oxygen level measurements show up on Remote Check-In too as seen in this twenty four hour chart.

heart rate and O2 visualization
This figure shows oxygen level trend, and heart rate trend, with Check On Me Online and the oximeter ring

Not just good for ill and elderly persons…

Our biosensor based medical alert systems provide useful heart rate and oxygen level monitoring for those who don’t need medical care too.  You can use them to better understand your body’s performance and how it changes over time, under stress, and when you get sick. Spot trend changes in your Life Rhythm that drive proactive medical conversations with your physician. older coupleSimilar to your Life Insurance, Check On Me Online medical alert systems with Life Rhythm keep you safer by giving you Life Assurance™.

Great for ill and elderly persons!

Best of all, Check On Me Online creates unprecedented visibility for local & remote family and friends to answer your call for help when needed. Share your Life Rhythm with trusted persons you choose to give them reassurance you’re ok and so they’ll know when to call and check-in.

Medical vs Non-Medical Monitoring

Our medical alert systems use non-medical athletic sensors for continuous heart rate monitoring (and sometimes other physiological characteristics). These sensors typically feature exceptional durability and price compared to medical devices. They provide excellent accuracy for everyday use. They do a great job at showing things like your activity level and day-by-day activity trends. However, they aren’t medical devices so they can’t be used to diagnose your medical conditions. Accordingly, wellness monitoring can usually help your family and friends see that something different or unusual is going on with you. However, our wellness monitoring can’t tell them what the specific issue is. Diagnosing a medical condition still requires medical equipment and a trip to your doctor.

Heart Rate and Oxygen Level Notifications

Once your daytime and nighttime heart rate and oxygen level averages become familiar, Check On Me Online can be configured to send notifications when sensor readings hit thresholds that interest you. Always set notification thresholds a little outside the ranges you’ve become familiar with to avoid excess notifications.  When sensor readings run higher or lower than a threshold you’ve set, the system reminds your family and friends to check-in on you by sending a SMS notification to their mobile phones. SMS notifications for thresholds continue every minute while sensor readings are beyond thresholds. Check On Me Online sends a notification when sensor readings are back within thresholds. Never use Check On Me Online to monitor life threatening thresholds, that’s a job for medical professionals.

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