How do our medical alert systems with sensors work?

Our pioneering lifestyle awareness and medical alert systems combine the precision and accuracy of biosensors with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of wearable consumer grade devices. Our medical alert systems can trigger notifications when your heart rate, blood oxygen levels or other biosensor readings exceed thresholds you set. 

If we just say it’s “real time monitoring,” or “live high speed communications,” then we aren’t doing our creation justice. Our modern medical alert systems with sensors incorporates both of those things. There’s a lot involved with  explaining “how it works,” why it’s fast, and why it’s secure. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s start with one of those.

The diagram to the right shows some technical details, but don’t worry, there’s no pop-quiz and you don’t need to remember that stuff to use Check On Me Online. Those details are there because a lot of people ask about them.

Real time monitoring using medical alert systems with sensors

Basically, our medical alert systems help you monitor someone you can’t be with physically. Each system monitors you continuously in case you fall or signal for help. Systems equipped with wellness monitoring also continuously track heart rate (and possibly oxygen level) and provide visualizations of your daily activity including day-by-day trending.

You simply wear one or two sensors near a Check On Me Online™ device (a Base Station or Android device). The device communicates with your sensors, and with our servers, to track baseline sensor readings and generate alerts and notifications to send to people on your Contact List. People on your Contact List receive alerts and notifications on any variety of mobile phone. Your contacts can also use our Remote Check-In feature to check-in on you and view your current status and sensor trends.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Family First Alerts

Set up SMS alerts and notifications for up to 12 family members or caregivers to form your Contact List. Easily choose and manage who will receive notifications. In the event of an emergency, SMS alerts are sent to your Contact List choose so they can coordinate and take action on your behalf. Check On Me Online keeps remote family members involved with emergency care. While other medical alert systems notify a call center, our systems keep your family in the forefront medical emergency decisions.

Wellness Visualization

Our biosensor based medical alert systems continuously track your heart rate baselines. We turn that data into visualizations that illustrate the day-to-day repeating pattern of normal life that we call Life Rhythm™. Family members quickly learn to recognize your normal sleeping and active patterns using our Remote Check-In capability. Everybody’s Life Rhythm is different so there are no built-in alerts for Life Rhythm. Once you’re familiar with your own Life Rhythm, Check On Me Online can be configured to send notifications when sensor readings hit thresholds that interest you.

Always set notification thresholds a little outside the ranges you’ve become familiar with to avoid excess notifications.  When sensor readings run higher or lower than a threshold you’ve set, the system reminds your family and friends to check-in on you by sending a SMS notification to their mobile phones. SMS notifications for thresholds continue every minute while sensor readings are beyond thresholds. Check On Me Online sends a notification when sensor readings are back within thresholds. Never use Check On Me Online to monitor life threatening thresholds, that’s a job for medical professionals.

Most importantly, Life Rhythm is designed to change appearance when there is significant change in one’s health or lifestyle. Checking up on people where their Life Rhythm changes a lot is just as important as checking in when sensor readings exceed thresholds you’ve set. Here’s a Life Rhythm example to illustrate the point….

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