Family First Alerts

The first medical alert systems came out almost thirty five years ago. They were designed as push-button devices to be worn around your neck or wrist. You would press a button to send alerts to a 24×7 call center using your home phone line. The alerts went to a call center because someone needed to be available continuously to answer the phone in an emergency. Today, everyone has a cell phone and is basically reachable wherever they go. Technology has advanced to keep us in the loop all of the time. As a result,  a small group of family or friends can be available continuously to answer the phone in an emergency.

You’re in control of who gets alerts and notifications

Heart rate notification is one type of Family First AlertOur present day medical alert systems boast more sophisticated designs, and have become smartphone or wifi based given that most homes don’t even have a landline anymore.  Alerts and notifications now go straight to family members or other trusted persons you choose. Set up and manage SMS alerts and notifications for up to twelve persons on your Contact list. In the event of an emergency, SMS alerts are sent to those persons so they can coordinate and take action. Alerts and notifications contain links to a map of your location, and driving directions, if GPS position is available. Check On Me Online keeps even the most remote family members involved with emergency care as if they were there. 

SMS alerts and notifications are compatible with all types of cell phones. In addition, the persons you select as Contacts can go to this link on our website to use our web-based Remote Check-In where they can continuously see your status as it updates every minute or two. If your Contacts have Android cell phones, then they can download our Check On Me Online app from Google Play Store. The phone app’s features are basically the same as the web-based version.

Leverage your circle of friends

Using our Friend Circle feature, Check On Me Online users can link their accounts and serve as contacts for each other without using one of their twelve Contacts. Send a Friend Circle invitation to other Check On Me Online users you know and your accounts will be linked when they accept your invitation. Your invitation will show a “Pending” status until it is accepted or declined. You can have up to twelve friends in your Friend Circle which allows for unlimited options for friends watching out other friends!

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