Remote Check-In™ is peace of mind for your family & friends

With Check On Me Online medical alert systems, your family and friends can check on you from remote using our Remote Check-In feature. It takes just a moment to check-in and see how you’re doing from a smart phone, computer or a dedicated Check On Me Online base station.The Remote Check-In feature of Check On Me Online family alert systems keeps families aware of a remote loved ones status. They’ll be able to quickly and easily access summary information about your status and location.

In addition to seeing Stable and Alert status information, they will also see the most recent sensor readings and recent sensor trends. That’s a huge help in maintaining visibility into your wellness and it works from virtually any location with internet access. We keep your status information encrypted every step of the way so your family can check on you securely and discretely. Our alert systems provide unprecedented visibility into your personal status while protecting your privacy. Remote Check-In capability is only available with Check On Me Online medical alert systems

Comfort at a Glance with Remote Check In

Our medical alert systems with wellness monitoring use professional athletics grade (non-medical) sensors. They collect up to 80,000 biosensor measurements daily with continuous use. This precision data stream creates added insight into your daily wellness. We turn that data into vpictures that illustrate the day-to-day repeating pattern of normal life. Family members quickly learn to recognize your normal sleeping and active patterns using Remote Check-InVisualizing that data highlights days that are especially “down” or “vigorous”. Now your family can take advantage of Remote Check In to know that your life continues normally day to day. 

They’ll worry less with one of our medical alert systems watching over you. Check On Me Online™ medical alert systems are the next best thing to being together because all of our systems have this proactive check-in ability to ease worried minds. That creates a sense of peace-of-mind that no other medical alert system can match.

Mobile and GPS

Have Android phone(s), tablet(s)? Use Check On Me Online for mobile medical alert monitoring on all your devices at no additional charge. Adding GPS location to your monitoring is also free when supported by your Android device. GPS helps guide relatives and caregivers to your location via maps and driving directions if needed. Mobile and GPS functionality makes caregiving even more convenient while increasing peace of mind for you and family members.

Real Peace Of Mind

Real peace of mind comes from knowing your loved ones are safe. We’re thrilled to be able to connect you and your loved ones so they can see you are safe and that your life continues on normally. Only Check On Me Online medical alert systems empower families to discretely check when they’re worried a loved one’s safety or just haven’t seen them in a while. Being able to check-in is is a whole new level of “Reassurance” the whole family will value, not to mention you’ll feel better knowing they’re reassured.

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