Fall Detecting Medical Alert Systems

In the U.S. alone, an older adult age 65+ suffers a fall every second of every day. Accordingly, falls are the leading cause of injury and death for persons in this age group. One out of four adults of age 65+ will fall sometime this year. As a result, injuries are common and many people don’t consider fall protection, or fall detection, until an injury occurs.

Doctors and aging experts agree in their support for medical alert systems with fall detection and believe that they can potentially save lives. Fall detection devices can prevent serious consequences arising from a delayed response to injuries sustained in a fall. Please take advantage of our fall prevention tips to keep you safer. In addition, use a fall detecting medical alert system to assure you’ll have help in your time of need.

Medical Alert Devices to the Rescue

Powered by software and sensors, our medical alert systems detect changes in motion to accurately identify most falls automatically.  Accordingly, they send medical alerts the moment a fall occurs without you pressing a button. The fall sensor features a flashing LED to confirm a message for help has been sent. A quick press of the sensor’s Help Button can clear a fall alert easily. Alerts can also be started and stopped by pushing the Help Button. 

As a band, clip-on or pendant our fall detection sensors are light, sleek and inconspicuous. As a convenient wearable, they encourage constant use that will blend into your daily routine.  Adopting and getting used to the wearable is quick and easy, allowing you and your loved one to realize full value from our solution quickly. In the unfortunate event that you take a fall, the device is on your person and the Help Button readily accessible.

Our fall detection sensor is also IP68 water resistant so it can travel with you in the shower. The fall sensor runs on a standard CR2032 battery which can last for 60 days or more depending on use. The battery is easily changed using the procedure in our FAQ section.

Falls will happen, so you should have a plan

For good fall safety, you need to have a plan for when a fall occurs. Having a plan changes victims into survivors.medical alert monitoring  For instance, our fall detecting medical alert system is a great “plan B” and it lets you know what it’s doing the whole time. First the sensor beeps and flashes red when it detects a fall. Next, the flashing will switch to red and green alternate flashes so you know that help notifications were sent to the people you choose. If you aren’t hurt then a simple press of the sensor’s button clears the fall alert and the button flashing stops. Help notifications repeat until you clear the fall alert. Good fall safety includes a good fall detecting medical alert system as your “plan B” to get help as quickly as possible when you need it most.

Did you know…

Did you know that the cost of continuous and automatic fall detection monitoring with Check On Me Online starts at just 30 cents ($0.30) per day? Better yet, mobile monitoring with GPS is free when you have an Android smart phone that supports it!

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